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Participation Measure

The Scottish Government's Opportunities for All commitment offers a place in learning or training to every 16-19 year old who is not in employment, education or training.  

The statistics currently used to measure progress on this ambition are the sustained school leaver destinations. This approach limits our ability to fully assess the impact that Opportunities for All, and the support provided by partner agencies, has on the 16-19 cohort.

We've worked with the Scottish Government to develop a new Participation Measure which allows us to identify the status of the wider 16-19 cohort - not only those who have just left school.

This new measure is drawn from records on our Customer Support System (CSS), which are updated by SDS and by partners (local authorities/schools, colleges, SAAS, DWP etc) through the 16+ Data Hub.  It allows our partners to  understand the impact of interventions and the outcomes they deliver at every transition point for 16-19 year olds.

First publication

The first Participation Measure report was published as "experimental statistics: data being developed." This will allow stakeholders time to provide feedback to support its further development.

Although the statistical publication is annual, local authorities and colleges can access their own data via the 16+ Data Hub reports at any time.  

Statistics on school leaver destinations will continue to be reported with the next publication scheduled for December 2015. Data will also be made available through Insight, the online benchmarking tool used by secondary schools and local authorities.


Download the main Participation Measure report.

Download the Participation Measure Supplementary Tables.

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