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Employability Fund

The Employability Fund was introduced on the 1st April 2013 and brings together earlier National Training Programmes (Get Ready for Work, Lifeskills, Training for Work, Targeted Pathways to Apprenticeships and the New College Learning Programme) to provide a more flexible, outcome-focused provision for individuals which is responsive to the needs of employers and local labour markets.

Its focus is on improving outcomes for unemployed people across Scotland. Funding is based on key milestones and tangible, positive outcomes.

The Employability Fund is delivered in partnership with training providers and colleges providing more than 17,000 places for people in Scotland.

From this financial year we are publishing quarterly data on the number of starts by local authority area and more will be produced in future.  This can be accessed below. 

A range of information is also available for the older programmes which have now been replaced.

More information on these earlier programmes is available here.


Employability Fund, Quarter 1, 2015-16 (pdf)

Employability Fund, Quarter 1, 2015-16 (excel)

Employability Fund, Quarter 2, 2015-16 (pdf)

Employability Fund, Quarter 2, 2015-16 (excel)

If you are looking for a report from a previous year, contact us and let us know the period you are looking for.


Please read this guidance which explains how the MA statistics are produced and what is available.