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What's in the Sector Briefings?

The briefings provide key metrics for each sector including employment, GVA and enterprises for Scotland, with selected employment data for local authorities. They are based on the data in the Local Authority Area Growth Sector Database and provide a summary of the latest figures and recent trends.

Sector employment in each local authority

This Excel workbook contains summary charts of employment by industry sector and the change over time for each local authority in Scotland. These are available to cut and paste into presentations and reports.

Please email us if you are having difficulty accessing this workbook.


Sector Skills Councils Profiles

Information about Sector Skills Councils, including reports containing industry definitions, views from employers including recruitment issues, qualifications sought, skill gaps and training needs. 

Scottish Information, Advice & Guidance Factsheets

These factsheets have been produced by the Sector Skills Councils to give an overview of the various sectors. The factsheets contain:

  • information on what industries are included in a particular sector
  • entry requirements
  • typical job roles
  • what skills and strengths are needed
  • a case study of an individual working in the sector