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Our Resources area has been designed to make publicly available the wide array of publications and information produced by Skills Development Scotland.

Find information about organisational planning and achievements.

Find policies explaining how we govern our business and the procedures we have in place to administer our processes.

Skills Investment Plans have been designed to support employers in Scotland's key economic sectors to develop a skilled workforce.

Find information about how we are governed and our organisational structure.

The Labour Market Intelligence reports and resources we provide are designed around the requirements of our SDS colleagues.

Access research and evaluation reports produced or commissioned by Skills Development Scotland.

Find publications which Skills Development Scotland is legally bound to publish.

Published twice a year these briefings aim to help keep our partners and stakeholders informed of our activities and any areas of joint working.

The purpose of Regional Skills Assessments is to provide a single, agreed evidence base on which to base future investment in skills, built up from existing evidence.