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Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks

  • Modern Apprenticeships
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  • Accountancy MA Frameworks have been developed by the Financial Skills Partnership (FSP), the Sector Skills Council for finance, accountancy and financial services.

  • This framework was developed at the request of employers in the Football and Rugby Industries in Scotland to meet the needs of the Clubs and young professional footbal and rugby players.

  • SkillsActive is the sector skill council for active leisure, learning and wellbeing, working across five key sectors: sport, fitness, outdoors, playwork and caravans. Modern Apprenticeships at two different levels have been developed to meet the skills needs of the sector.

  • Agriculture is the most significant industry for the environmental and land-based sector in Scotland and is split into two areas: livestock such as dairy cows, cattle for beef, sheep for wool and lamb, pigs and poultry; and crops like wheat, oats, peas, oilseed rape and grass for livestock

  • Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms in inland and coastal areas, involving intervention in the rearing process to enhance production and the individual or corporate ownership of the stock being cultivated. The intervention may include activities such as regular stocking, feeding and individual or corporate stock ownership.

  • These Frameworks covers a range of activities including employers engaged in all aspects of the sale, repair and maintenance of vehicles as well as services to owners and users of passenger cars, motorcycles, light and heavy commercial vehicles, specialist vehicles and associated equipment.

  • This Framework is a replacement for the Transport Engineering and Maintenance MA Framework and has been updated with new industry qualifications and a new name for the Framework, to reflect the name of the new qualifications.

  • SkillsCfA is a government recognised apprenticeship issuing authority responsible for business skills. This includes skills in Management, Business & Administration and Customer Service (including Contact Centre).

  • ConstructionSkills has developed a wide range of Modern Apprenticeships at different levels to support the industry in Scotland, ranging from 'traditional' craft and technical skills to specialist sector skills.

  • Courts and tribunals are a central part of the Scottish Justice system and provide administrative support to Scottish Courts and Tribunals and to the judiciary of those courts, including the High Court of Justiciary, Court of Session, Sheriff Courts and Justice of the Peace Courts, and to the Office of the Public Guardian and Accountant of Court.