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About Modern Apprenticeship Ambassadors

Modern Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme

We want passionate people to help spread the word about the benefits of Modern Apprenticeships to young people and businesses.

We are enlisting volunteers to inspire the next generation of Modern Apprentices and other employers to get involved in the programme.

If you are an employer with a Modern Apprenticeship programme or someone who has completed a Modern Apprenticeship you could join the Ambassador Programme.

Who are Modern Apprentieship Ambassadors?

Modern Apprenticeship Ambassadors are people like you who value the importance of work-based learning.

Ambassadors are people who have graduated from Modern Apprenticeships, or they represent businesses that recognise the importance of investing in the future of their workforce.

Ambassadors are people who can answer questions confidently and describe their experiences in a professional way.

What do they do?

Ambassadors promote the benefits of Modern Apprenticeships to young people, parents and businesses.

Apprentice Ambassadors might be asked to visit a school or attend a careers fair to speak to young people about the benefits of Modern Apprenticeships.

Business Ambassadors might be asked to attend an industry conference to speak to people about the business benefits of having a Modern Apprenticeship programme.

Ambassadors could be asked to share their story in their local newspaper or on one of our websites.

Why do they do it?

They do it because they see the value in training programmes and to encourage other individuals and businesses to consider Modern Apprenticeships.

Most of all they do it because they know Modern Apprentices are good for business and good for the future of the workforce.