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Employability Fund

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The Employability Fund aims to support activity that will help people to develop the skills needed to secure a job or progress to more advanced forms of training.

While Skills Development Scotland administers the Fund, services are being developed and delivered at a local level to ensure they meet the specific needs of the individual and to complement, rather than duplicate existing locally-funded offers.

Training and work experience on offer is designed to suit individual need while the employer-assessed Certificate of Work Readiness can also be delivered through the Fund.

Local Employability Partners have been given the role of determining how needs should be met from the Fund based on knowledge of their area.   

The Employability Fund:

  • has a strong focus on work experience;
  • responds to differing participant needs
  • adapts to local employer demand
  • complements other funded training at a local level; and
  • enables learners to demonstrate achievements to employers through certification.