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Scottish employers support investment in skills to increase business efficiency

15 April 2013

  • Our Skillsforce
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Four out of five employers support investment in staff training according to a new survey.

The survey conducted by Scottish Chambers of Commerce, and available on the Our Skillsforce website, showed that despite the current economic conditions, 80% of employers had arranged or funded staff training in the past 12 months.

Liz Cameron, chief executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce said: "The survey results clearly demonstrate that business recognises the benefits of investing in skills and training. 

"The survey also shows that while employers look for a basic level of work readiness, literacy and numeracy from applicants, Scottish businesses are clear about the benefits that accrue from investing in their people. An appropriately trained and skilled workforce is one of the most important requirements for businesses hoping to grow and develop in today's competitive environment."

The majority of businesses surveyed felt that the current economic climate has impacted on their business, with their biggest challenges relating to competition and costs.

The broad-ranging survey also highlighted that employers are seeking further engagement with the public sector, in terms of communicating the support that can be offered to help their business grow and develop their people. 

Damien Yeates, chief executive of Skills Development Scotland said: "The survey results confirm that businesses recognise the benefits of workforce training and development, both for the organisation and for their employees.

"The recent introduction of a new SDS employer services team allied with the Our Skillsforce web service helps to arm employers with vital information on the skills support services available from public sector organisations across Scotland.  The web service also enables employers to flag their skills and recruitment needs through a Skills Alert feature and be assisted to the best available support package for recruitment and training."

About the Skills Pulse Survey

Scottish Chambers of Commerce has developed the second Skills Pulse Survey, analysed by the Training and Employment Research Unit at the University of Glasgow. The survey is supported by Skills Development Scotland.

The Skills Pulse Survey provides an in-depth study of the importance employers place on the contribution of skills to their business success, as well as highlighting the skills and business challenges they are currently facing.

The Skills Pulse Survey is already providing important data to inform decision-making in Scotland's skills sector. As we move forward, the views of employers will be invaluable to ensure the skills in the economy match the needs of employers and that together we can invest in people for growth.

The Skills Pulse Survey alternates between the Scottish Council for Development & Industry and Scottish Chambers of Commerce membership each quarter.