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Modern Apprentice of the Year

20 May 2013

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The search for the brightest and best in the class of 2013 is on as Scottish Apprenticeship Week gets under way.

The search is on for Scotland's top Modern Apprentice (MA) as the Minister for Youth Employment today opened nominations for the annual awards.

Angela Constance announced that Scotland's Modern Apprenticeship Awards, delivered by SDS, will have a new look when they take place this November.

The announcement came as the Minister visited East Kilbride Group Training Association (EKGTA) as part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2013.

Ms Constance said: "Scottish Apprenticeship Week is a chance to celebrate Scotland's brightest and best on a programme which produces motivated individuals and helps employers to develop a skilled workforce.

"Alongside the Scottish Government's unique guarantee of a place in education or training for 16 to 19-year-olds and a range of other activities, we are committed to at least 25,000 Modern Apprentices every year as a means of supporting young people in employment.

"A Modern Apprenticeship provides people with not only a job but also a qualification at the end, as well as new skills and a vast range of workplace experience.

"These awards provide an opportunity to reward those who have made the programme such a success. The Awards ceremony is always inspiring over a night packed with the inspirational stories of nominees dedicated to the MA programme."

During her visit to the training provider, Ms Constance met with a group of MAs to discuss their experience of the programme and took part in work-shadowing.

A number of new award categories have been created including Champion of the Year along with Apprentice of the Year awards for each available level of MA and awards for employers ranging from micro to public sector.

The announcement was made at one of more than 90 events taking place across Scotland this week to raise awareness of MAs and the 25,000 places the Scottish Government has pledged to support in each year of the current parliament.

Last year's top apprentice was 22-year-old Robert Tosh, who was made lead engineer last year at BAE Systems Maritime Naval Ships.

Robert has rapidly advanced in his training and, in 2012, he became the first MA to achieve a General Operators certification in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

He said: "Being named Scotland's Modern Apprentice of the Year meant a great deal to me. I have put in a tremendous amount of hard work and built up four years of skills and invaluable experience. To have that work and the people behind me recognised for it at the end, is something truly remarkable.

"I would say to all young adults in Scotland who are thinking of taking up an apprenticeship to go for it, give their all to their development and they will be successful.

"All we want as both individuals and employers is to further develop our skills and knowledge so we can achieve our full potential. A Modern Apprenticeship is the perfect way to do that."

Angela McIntyre, Venue Manager of Easterbrook Hall - named last year's Medium-sized Employer of the Year - said: "The award was powerful recognition for the work my team and I have contributed to the development of the Modern Apprenticeship programme here at Easterbrook Hall. 

"Our achievement being recognised on a national scale has been testament to the commitment and dedication of the team. 

"Winning the award has motivated us to continue to develop the programme and, of course, to aim for further recognition."


Notes to editors

The closing date for receipt of all completed applications is noon, Thursday, 22 August and the finalists will be announced on Thursday, 19 September, 2013.

For more information and a link to the online entry form, visit

The event will take place on Wednesday, 13 November and the venue will be announced at a later date.

More information on Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2013 can be found at:

Employers have their training costs partly met by SDS and are able to have a training provider on hand to assist if required.

A range of different occupational frameworks are available - from wind turbine technician to business administration.

All Modern Apprentices in Scotland must be employed to be eligible for a publicly-funded contribution to their training costs.

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