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Junior Saltire Prize

What is the Junior Saltire Prize?

The Scottish Government set up The Saltire Prize, Scotland's £10 million challenge to accelerate the commercial development of marine energy. Scotland is particularly well-placed to do this given its history of technological innovation and its vast reserves of renewables potential.

To help to raise awareness amongst young people of the exciting developments and opportunities of marine renewables in Scotland the Scottish Government for the fifth successive year is funding the Junior Saltire Award for primary and secondary school pupils. 

The competition is managed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) in partnership with SCDI's Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland.

About the competition

  • This competition is open to all primary P5-P7 and secondary S1-S3, S4-S6 schools pupils in Scotland.
  • Working in teams of up to 4 pupils, the project should involve the pupils in carrying out research, prior to constructing and testing out their design ideas.
  • After the closing date, a short listed number of schools will be invited to bring their generator to the FloWave facility at the University of Edinburgh on Thursday 4 June 2015 where the electrical output of generators will be tested by  followed by final judging at the Celebration of Engineering and Science at Murrayfield Stadium on Friday 5 June.
  • At the Celebration of Engineering and Science, teams will be judged for originality, teamwork, external support received and environmental considerations as well as technical aspects of designs.
  • A maximum of 4 pupils will be allowed to represent each team / class at this Celebration event.

How to enter

Here's what your team could win….

  • P5/P7 Winner: £500 and Junior Saltire Medal
  • P5/P7 Highly Commended: £250
  • S1/S3 Winner: £600 and Junior Saltire Medal
  • S1/S3 Highly Commended: £300
  • S4/S6 Winner: £750 and Junior Saltire Medal
  • S4/S6 Highly Commended: £350

Prize money is for schools to spend on science and technology resources.

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