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Read how some of Skills Development Scotland's partners have benefited from post 16 information sharing.

Information Sharing

Sharing information to help young people

Information sharing forms a key pillar of the Opportunities for All policy agenda. It's about sharing information between partners including colleges, local authorities, funding bodies, Department for Work and Pensions and SDS in order to create a more joined up approach to help young people.

At its core, information sharing helps those aged 16-24 access the right support and services to move into a positive destination once they leave school which is sustained. A more complete set of information helps all partners provide targeted support to a young person. Specifically, those not in learning, work or at risk of this. The information includes details of all young people aged 16-24 who are:

  • Receiving career services
  • Planning on leaving school
  • Starting and withdrawing from college or university
  • Receiving welfare benefits

The Scottish Government is developing a new Participation Measure to support the overall ambitions within Opportunities for All - helping young people access the support, learning and training they need as they move towards employment. The aim of the measure is to show the current activity that 16-19 year olds are participating in at a national and local authority level.

To find out more about information sharing, take a look at our case studies.

Your questions answered

The Post-16 Education (Scotland) Act 2013 makes post 16 information sharing with Skills Development Scotland a legal requirement for local authorities and other public bodies highlighted in the legislation.

The subordinate legislation came into force on 1 May 2014. It names the partner organisations that are legally required to share data (Namely colleges, local authorities, Scottish Funding Council, Student Awards Agency Scotland and Skills Development Scotland). It also specifies the types of data to be shared.

Scottish Government have published statutory guidance ( August 2014), making the requirements of the subordinate legislation more explicit for information sharing partners. This includes setting out in detail the exact items of data to be shared. This statutory guidance also updates and replaces the existing Scottish Government Post 16 Transitions Data Practice Framework.