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Board Committees

  • The purpose of the Audit and Risk Committee is to ensure that: internal and external audit arrangements are planned and a well-defined programme of work is in place setting out these arrangements; systems are in place to ensure compliance with all legal obligations and regulatory requirements and that appropriate follow up action in respect of non-compliance or fraud, and; systems of internal control and arrangements for the management of business risk are robust.

  • The Finance and Operational Performance Committee exists to ensure efficient and effective financial management and operational performance for Skills Development Scotland, for the delivery of Scottish Government targets and to fulfil SDS' strategic and operational goals.

  • The purpose of the Remuneration and Human Resources Committee is to provide detailed scrutiny of SDS remuneration matters including senior management team remuneration, company-wide pay increases and policy, pensions arrangements and other human resources (HR) matters.

  • The Service Development Committee oversees on behalf of the Board a forward-looking programme of service design, development and improvement in respect of SDS's key strategic services.

  • The purpose of the Skills Committee is to contribute to creating a learning system that is accessible to all, enhances the employability of learners and increases the demand for skills among employers and individuals.